About us

About us


Over the years, Master-PAСK, LLC has been successfully cooperating with both large Ukrainian enterprises and with representatives of medium and small businesses throughout Ukraine.
High-quality raw materials, modern production lines, in-house developments ensure not only impressive packaging, but also to design and customization of packaging and pre-packaging equipment for your business.

Master-PACK is a large and friendly family, which always tries to be closer to you! We are located in Kharkov. We have representative offices in Ukraine (Dnipro), and in Berlin (Germany).

Since 1997, we have been improving the production technology of packaging and pre-packaging equipment and ways to produce packaging materials. For more than 20 years, we have grown to a full-fledged production, which will easily meet the needs of any customer.

Using modern technologies and materials, produce packaging and packaging and pre-packaging equipment that will ensure workability, safety of goods, brand awareness, and customer comfort.

We help you create a first-class product that customers want to buy. Our packaging materials, as well as equipment for packaging and pre-packaging are able to preserve all the qualities of the goods, and make a shopping process pleasant for each of your customers.

Our achievements

We are responsible for the quality of the goods and services provided. That is why all the products of Master-PACK are certified and have the necessary passports and conclusions.
In addition, our work is regularly recognized by experts from all-Ukrainian and international exhibitions. All our progress is made for you!


Forget about all the problems by choosing Master-PACK! Every client is important for us. Therefore, we apply efforts to make our cooperation as simple and convenient for you as possible!

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