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Polyethylene bags (PEND/PEVD)

«Master-Pack» produces film and bags out of LDPE and HDPE. We produce a wide range of polyethylene film bags with/without print.Polyethylene bags with/without print with density from 9 to 150 micron.


Such bags are used as cask and box insert, as well as a group packing for foodstuffs (flour, sugar, cereals) and other materials (cement, building mixtures, fertilizer and soil). Due to the strengthened bottom seam and optimal combination of composition and thickness of the film polyethylene bags are used for packaging products weighing more than 30 kg.
We also make bags for packing clothes of different sizes and colors.Packaging bags are made pre-order in any size and thickness with flexographic printing or without. They are used for packing sugar, cereals, flour, pasta, powdered milk, seeds, crackers, pastries, as well as for non-food products.

We also make bags for packing clothes of different sizes and colors.

  • “Banana-type” polyethylene bags
  • “T-shirt “ type polyethylene bags
  • “Wicket-type” polyethylene bags
Film for packaging bags meets safety standards and requirements imposed on food packaging. Price is formed depending on the format, quantity and material.


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