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Paper bags

Packages made out of paper are gaining more and more popularity nowadays. Primarily they are ideal for hot baking, bread, fresh fruits, coffee, tea, fast food.


We offer packaging paper bags for confectionery, sweets, hot pastries, etc. They can be made of kraft paper, vellum and imitation parchment; in stock and made-to-order; with the customer logo and images; in various sizes.
Paper bags, sachet bags, paper corners are extremely convenient for packing bread, baguettes, pitas, cakes, pies, buns, puffs, cheesecakes, pahlava and many other products.
We offer our clients the food paper bags with printed images (flexo), with side pleats, with a transparent window. On client’s request the window can be perforated.
Paper is considered the most popular type of food packaging for many years. This is due to many factors, primarily - the availability of this material and its low price.
Other important advantages of paper are its hygienic and environmental characteristics; this is a recognized and well-proven fact.
Furthermore, it is easy to manufacture various bags out of paper. They are more convenient to use as packaging for a wide range of food and confectionery products, as well as for bulk products such as various cereals, powdered milk and sugar.
Many catering establishments practice selling their products in paper packaging because customers often prefer to take-away burger or sandwich, especially if they are on their way and when dropping into a roadside fast-food.

Using our paper packets you can:

  • improve the quality of customer service, that certainly will not go unnoticed;
  • emphasize and strengthen the image of your company/enterprise through the exclusive original packaging;
  • always place your contact details profitably and noticeably;
  • expand the circle of regular clients.

Price is formed depending on the format, quantity and material.


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