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Polypropylene bags

«Master-Pack» offers a wide choice of high quality polypropylene bags at a competitive price with a thickness from 15 to 40 mcn.


Bags which are made out of polypropylene film are versatile package, without which it is impossible to imagine the modern market. Popularity of polypropylene in the production of packaging films and plastic bags is explained by its indispensable practical qualities:

  • Durability and reliability of the material.
  • Resistance to any mechanical damage.
  • High resistance to tension or compression.
  • High degree of transparency.
  • Glossy shine.
Wide size range allows our customers to choose the most suitable bags for packing very different products:

  • Transparent packaging bag. Packaging bag is made in various sizes and thicknesses according to customer request and is used for packaging food and non-food products, medicines and household goods.
  • Bags with valve and adhesive tape. Bags with valve and adhesive tape are very easy to use as they do not require sealing equipment and they can be opened and closed multiple times without damaging the package. Packages with valve and adhesive tape are used to pack textiles, printing and stationery products, souvenirs , CD drives, etc. Bags are made out of transparent polypropylene film with printing or not, according to customer’s choice.
  • Bags with euro loop are widely used in distributing facilities for easy placement of various products on special racks. Bags are made out of transparent polypropylene film with printing on client’s demand.


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