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“MP” hand sealers

“MP” hand sealers are designed for packing products and bag production out of polymeric film materials and composite materials. Sealers allow you to seal and cut film or to make strong flat seam with max width 3.5 mm. Sealing length is from 300 mm to 500 mm ( “MP – 300”, “MP – 400”, “MP – 500” respectively). Sealing time is selected according to properties of the material and is regulated by timer automatically.


technical data:

Sealing type cutting and sealing
Sealing width, mm min 3,0
Seal length, mm 300 (400; 500)
Working mode impulse
Sealing time, sec 0,5-3,0
Rated voltage, V/Hz 220/50
Power, kW 0,18
Overall dimensions, mm max 88 х 130 х 475 (575; 675)
Machine weight, kg max 6 (6,8; 7,6)


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