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Heat-shrinkable polyethylene film


Heat-shrinkable polyethylene film is indispensable when packing a group of goods in packs for convenient placement on pallets, freight transportation, wrapping and fastening. The main property of the material is shrinkage under the influence of temperature, which allows it to take the shape of the package. You can buy polyethylene heat-shrinkable film for:

  • group packing in packs and on pallets of grocery products, PET bottles, cans, prepackaged loose products, etc.;
  • building materials (boards, profiles, laminate);
  • household goods (toilet paper, chemicals and powders, hygiene products);
  • fixation of boxes, bags and large-sized products on pallets.

Master-Pak has been producing polyethylene heat-shrink film for over 5 years. The company offers to buy several options of products from the warehouse and to order on favorable terms.

Shrinkable polyethylene film: features and advantages

The properties and price of a polyethylene heat-shrinkable film are determined by the production technology: production from composite or primary raw materials, with the use of special additives (sliding, anti-corrosion inhibitors, stabilizers), thickness. The advantages of the material include:

  • light weight and ease of use, possibility of visual control of content;
  • protection from most external influences of any product;
  • reliability of transportation, prevention of deformations of packs and pallets;
  • hygienic and ecological, no smell;
  • preservation of consumer properties in a wide range of temperatures;
  • allows you to waive the costs of additional strapping (metal or polypropylene tapes);
  • reliability of fixation and tightening;
  • preservation of the original characteristics of the product (color, smell, taste, etc.);
  • versatility and low cost.

Shrinkage facilitates packaging, transportation and storage, reduces the impact of moisture and ultraviolet rays, the penetration of extraneous odors, dirt and dust, and increases the shelf life of your goods.

Product range

Customers will be able to buy heat-shrinkable polyethylene film in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and other parameters. Technologists will help to choose the optimal degree of shrinkage of the material, depending on the type of use (manual or packaging machines), requirements and features of the customer's production. When making an application, you can:

  • order a single-layer film in rolls, in the form of a canvas, sleeve or half-sleeve;
  • select the material of the required width (30-1400 mm);
  • buy heat shrink 35-120 microns thick.

Only high-quality raw materials are used in production. The resulting products are 100% compliant with standards, specifications and customer requirements. If necessary, Master-Pak will provide a sample or produce a test batch for testing on your equipment. The minimum order for an industrial batch is only 300 kg. Applications are processed quickly (up to 10 days), delivery to CIS countries and all cities of Ukraine is organized by reliable transport companies.


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